Build Your Own Skate Park

Love going to skate parks but finding that they are already occupied? Get your needed cement time by building your own backyard skate park. You will need wood and cement to build your ramps, rails, and other obstacles to put on your own park. How can you do it? Follow these easy steps.

1. See if it’s okay with the law to have one in your own backyard. Write or go to your local city government office or check online to see what the requirements are to be able to build one. You might have to get certain permits for your yard. Make sure it’s okay with your insurance policy to build one as well. Also, before bulldozing or digging a bit, call the city office again to see if there are any gas or water lines in the ground. You don’t want to hit a major water line or gas line which could pose a major threat to you and your neighborhood.

2. Start planning the design of your skate park or skate bowl. Draw it out on paper or design it on the computer. Add your obstacles or fun things to ride on like curbs, ramp jumps, or rails. If you’re just beginning, make the design simple and later add on to it. Once you have your initial but not final plan done, calculate the cost of what it would take in materials like wood and cement, etc. If you can’t afford certain things at first, cut those out of the initial plan. A simple small skatepark might cost you two to ten thousand dollars including everything depending on the quality of the materials you buy and how big your skate park is.

3. Look at tutorials of how to build your own skate park on the internet or contact your local handyman on the best way to build your skate park. There are many good designs available on the internet to copy.

4. If you’re into building a skate park that will last, make sure you get high quality materials to build with so it will last. You will need to make it durable to take the beating of skateboards or rollerskates. You don’t want it to fall apart while grinding on it and you don’t want the cement to crumble. If you want to build a good quality one but can’t afford it, have your friends that want to build it and play on it pitch in with funds to help.

5. Get the tools you need to build. You will need drills, saws, hammers, screws, nails, a cement mixer (which you can rent from your local hardware store), and a level.