The Different Pros and Cons to Using a Sightseeing Bus on Vacation

The vacation to Europe has arrived, and you are highly excited about seeing all the major tourist sites, the only problem is that you have no idea where you are going.  Also, while a lot of people speak English in these cities, it seems that you always run into the ones who don’t when asking questions about where to go.  How can you find your way around the city without feeling frustrated, confused, and wasting the day the answer is by using a sightseeing bus?

The Different Pros and Cons to Using a Sightseeing Bus on Vacation

Of course, while many of these hops on, hop off buses are available they aren’t all beneficial.  Yes, there are several advantages to using these facilities – why would they be that popular if it wasn’t useful but, believe it or not, there are also disadvantages to using these facilities.  This article will point out the different pros and cons of this type of tourist feature.

The Different Pros

  1. Seeing Every Major Tourist Site

Potentially the most beneficial factor associated with sightseeing buses is that they pass (and stop) at every major tourist site.  This is useful for tourists who are eager to see all that a city has to offer and are interested in exploring the city to its fullest.

  1. Stopping at Tourist Sites

In addition to passing all of the tourist sites, many of the buses will stop at the major sites allowing tourists to disembark and explore the area.  It should be mentioned, however, that some sights are not available to the public – like the Vatican City in Rome – but you can hop off to view the surrounding area if you wish.

  1. No Need for Complicated Maps

Even with GPS services, finding our way through cities can be confusing, and many people can get lost in places they don’t know.  By using a sightseeing bus it is possible to travel through a major city without the need for complicated maps, a GPS system, and you will reach your destination without becoming lost.

  1. Frequent Busses

One issue that many people fear when using these buses is that they will need to wait for another bus.  This is untrue because the buses run regularly and you can travel on any hop on, hop off bus in the city using the ticket purchased.

The Different Cons

  1. It Can Be Expensive

Cost is important, and because this is a popular feature, the tour buses in major cities are quite expensive.  You may think that the average cost of $45 for a 2-day pass is not too bad, but it is far too costly considering what you are getting.

  1. Stopping at Every Site

This can be a pro and con.  While it is beneficial for tourists to hop on and hop off at all sites, it can be time-wasting if you want to see a particular site.  For example, the average bus trip will take 90 minutes and reaching your destination using the Metro or a cab would be cheaper and quicker.